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Solar energy storage MedLog

Installation solar energy storage

Recently, solar panels at MedLog were expanded to include a huge battery and UPS facility. In the event of a complete power failure, the entire business process can be guaranteed by this. In addition, the excess solar energy produced is stored in these (with as many as 120 batteries), as a result of which we can supply all devices which are battery driven, such as our cleaning robots but also our...
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Covid proof: daily disinfection...with robots

Cleaning teams or other personal disinfection activity will no longer be found at Medical Logistics MedLog. Since the start of the company, the focus has been on hygiene, optimisation and climate-neutral logistics activities. For example, robots are used per demarcated zone (red = reception and control, orange = temporary storage at pallet level and green = small-scale detail storage, whether or not...
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Medical Logistics MedLog from Mechelen chooses Futech as a partner for the expansion of its green logistics service, aimed at medical distributors.

Manager Filip Wautelet explains his choice. "The choice of Futech was logical, as they were able to offer a total package to make our logistics service quasi CO2 neutral. MedLog provides customized logistics services for medical distributors, small and large," says Wautelet. Ecological innovation "Medical Logistics MedLog chooses not only to provide 100% service but also.
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