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Customer excellence for medical devices

Your customer, our care

With a company slogan like Your Customer, Our Care, you immediately know that we consider customer care an important part of every medical distributor. Customer care, or customer service, especially for medical distributors, is something special, it has to run smoothly, that extra element, the listening ear, offering quick answers and solutions, and some product knowledge is also involved.

What is customer excellence and why is it important?

In short, customer excellence is about being excellent in the eyes of your customer. A simple concept, but very important and above all

Customer service is helping customers solve problems, showing them how to use products and answering questions. As a result, "service" is a more negative connotation.

Customer excellence ensures profitable growth. By putting your customer at the center of everything the company does, you ensure that you deliver the product or service they need. That will help you achieve long-term customer satisfaction, which in turn means you'll be better able to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. So it's not just about creating a warm, fluffy feeling for your customers. It is directly linked to the successful growth of your organization.

After all, the team at Medical Logistics MedLog is the face or voice of your company, to your customers. We consider your customer to be ours.

Customer excellence for medical devices

What can you expect from our customer care for you as a medical distributor?

  • order intake and response
  • notification of any back-orders or delays
  • control of local consignments
  • FAGG approved service provider
  • stock management
  • your own login to our Warehouse Management System, so you can look over our shoulders yourself(smart medical logistics)
  • 100% tracebility
  • 24h deliveries, pre-noon deliveries and even ultra-urgent deliveries
  • invoicing of the ordered orders
  • telephone reception and standby
  • and so much more, we listen to your needs and adapt accordingly

Ask for your first appointment to review the possibilities for your situation, and together we will look at how you can regain focus on your core business, and continue to grow.