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Smart logistics

Your customer, our care

At Medical Logistics we
meet the needs of every logistics service provider, but we do everything we can to be a truly smart logistics service provider.

Medical logistics with smart services and solutions

Receipt of goods

Upon receipt of the announced order, we at Medical Logistics follow the procedure for "incoming goods". We carry out checks on conformity (CE), possible damage, batch numbers and expiry dates.

In case of problems, we will inform you and move the non-conforming goods from reception to the waiting area. In this way we keep salable goods and non-approved goods separate.

Our smart digital interface

When the goods are ready to leave, we add them to our WMS, so you can immediately see the new status of your stock levels.

Each customer gets his own login on our system, with which he can consult or retrieve the data for validation. Lot numbers, dates and even the exact location of the goods can thus be checked in real time.


The goods are stored in the medical warehouse, where a stable and clean environment minimises the risk of contamination.

To this end, we have set up three different, separate zones. Every day, our zone defined cleaning robots ensure clean storage, including daily disinfection.Daily cleaning and disinfection by robots at MedLog

  • Temperature and humidity degree monitoring 

Regulated medical supplies that must be stored in an environment of 15° - 30° are permanently monitored via our temperature portal.

This setting ensures the best storage for sensitive products, where we monitor both humidity and temperature live 24/7.

temperature and humidity monitoring at MedLog