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Ambient warehouse

MedLog now also offers pallet storage

With the arrival of our second warehouse, which we recently started using, we can now also provide storage for non-medical goods. We started with a push-pull rack system, but in the meantime we have also grown in this area and have been able to further equip the entire warehouse. You can use our calculation tool to quickly and easily...
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SCRUBBY chooses MedLog

SCRUBBY is an online shop with big ambitions! The device itself was already a big hit in Belgium, and now they want to expand into the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France. The Scrubby stands for skin care in the broadest sense. Not only a geographical expansion, but also a broadening of the product range to include natural cosmetic products specifically for the...
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MedLog opens second office in Heist op den Berg.

Due to the strong increase in container deliveries, we needed to have the right structure for this. In Heist o/d Berg we found a warehouse of 1500m2 with a double loading quay. This allows us to unload containers faster, safer and more efficiently, but we are also prepared for the further growth of our customers with regard to the storage of pallets...
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UV-C happy family opens new e-shop

Manager K.D. Elit presents his company; The most precious good in life is our health. Taking care of our health is the highest priority for everyone. Good health is the basis for a life in happiness.The way of life and the care of our body and soul contribute to our well-being. Daily...
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Solar energy storage MedLog

Installation solar energy storage

Recently, solar panels at MedLog were expanded to include a huge battery and UPS facility. In the event of a complete power failure, the entire business process can be guaranteed by this. In addition, the excess solar energy produced is stored in these (with as many as 120 batteries), as a result of which we can supply all devices which are battery driven, such as our cleaning robots but also our...
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Cupola counts its logistics on MedLog

Welcome Cupola!

MedLog welcomes Cupola, active in advising and supplying a wide range of products for healthcare. On their webshop, you will find items for circulation, COVID-19, immobilization; transport, clothing, suitcases; bags, triage and training. Below are some direct links to the wide range of Cupola; Diagnostics Airway Management IV & IO supplies Wound care first aid Suitcases &...
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MedLog in the press

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Medical Logistics MedLog welcomes Life bvba chooses Medical Logistics Medlog

New brochure

Download the Medical Logistics MedLog brochure now

What makes us different?

Not big, but great! We do not belong to the group of large pharma service companies, that is not our focus. Every "smaller" player who wants to take the step to professionalization; that is what we at Medical Logistics MedLog focus on. Why not the big players? Because the small(er) deserve the same support and because external support..
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