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Smart logistics

Medical logistics focus with full traceability and monitoring

Customer service

From order receipt to full customer service

Our building, your office

Utilize our offices for the registered office for your company

Digital optimization

Online product catalogue for ordering and invoicing systems 

Medical focus

A hub that connects people, companies and services, all with a medical focus.

Medical Logistics offers a full range of services that can act as an extension of your business. Restore focus to your core business and have Madical Logistics as a partner to perform warehousing, logistics and customer service, it's what we do best.

From urgent (white glove) deliveries, to rebalancing or packing, to digital invoicing through Peppol.


What makes us different?

Listening, that is where we make the difference for your customers, by keeping the promises made, striving for the highest quality and giving you an insight into the whole process.
All this is done on a pay-per-use basis; low sales = no sky-high costs
, but in the meantime we manage your stock punctually and accordingly.

Cash flow optimisation

Your goods are stored in our warehouse, so we offer full transparency so you can better predict, order new stock and reduce slow-moving items, all with the expiration date in mind.

Interactive track & trace functions

We inform your customers about the status of their orders: intake, collection and shipping, all in a personalized look and feel. 

Invoicing at order intake: faster invoicing.

We offer the possibility to invoice your customer automatically, once an order has been approved. In this way, you speed up the process of drawing up the invoice and remind us of the payment conditions.

Urgent deliveries

When you need it, you can count on us.
Urgent deliveries are not the normal way to handle orders, but they can make a big difference when they are needed and done correctly, accurately and quickly.


Cadwell Benelux

Manufacturer of medical equipment for neurodiagnostics and electrodiagnostics (EDX) and supplies for EMG, EEG, IONM and PSG.
Benelux distributor C-Naps switched to Medical Logistics for the following reasons:


Included are some free storage solutions, so you only pay per order, so you can grow without high fixed costs. A fixed flat rate is charged which keeps it transparent.


More buying = better pricing. Increase both margin and cash flow with automatic billing.
Selling or stocking more means better rates, seems logical but at MedLog this is standard in the proposal.


Salespeople are busy with demonstrations, MedLog also takes care of incoming phones and handling call forwarding and order taking. A real customer service which frees up useful time.


Medical Logistics supports workshops for its clients, including invitation and reception, you only need to provide the content.
Smaller rooms can also be booked in our offices, making it more intimate to hold workshops.

Facts & figures

Medical Logistics has equipped its buildings with solar panels and batteries that cover up to 92% of all electricity needs. 




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