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Medical Logistics MedLog from Mechelen chooses Futech as a partner for the expansion of its green logistics service, aimed at medical distributors.

Your customer, our care

Manager Filip Wautelet explains his choice.

"The choice for Futech was logical, as they were able to offer a total package to make our logistics service quasi CO2 neutral. MedLog provides customized logistics services for medical distributors, small and large," says Wautelet.

Ecological innovation

"Medical Logistics MedLog chooses not only to be 100% top notch in terms of service, but also to innovate ecologically. In this way, our customers can not only enjoy better customer service and logistical handling, but also a more ecologically responsible solution, which is better for everyone. Thanks to Medlog's unique "Pay per Use" concept, this green investment no longer costs our customers anything and yet they still contribute to a better climate".

90% coverage of energy demand

"Futech made a nice analysis of the total consumption, where we work with heat pumps for the conditioned storage. We aim to cover 90% of our energy needs with this investment. To meet this, Futech installed a 45-panel solar panel installation with an installed capacity of 14.2 kWp. In order to optimise the return on investment, this installation was equipped with the PID box and iLubat battery storage system. Thanks to Futech's smart tools, we can monitor our production and consumption on a daily basis. “

Medical Logistics MedLog opts for self-sufficiency in its electrical installation and thus creates a CO2 neutral medical grade logistics hub in Mechelen.