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Medical Logistics MedLog: Best Medical Logistics & Freight Forwarding Company Benelux Award 2023

Your customer, our care

Medical Logistics (MedLog) has secured its first award, and what a prize! 

Four years after its inception, this is an important milestone and we thank our valued customers for making this possible together.

Without the belief in us from our customers, we would not have been able to achieve this. Covid quickly chopped hard but also gave us the opportunity to make a difference. - Filip Wautelet - CEO

Some pride is obviously in order, but above all modesty and going for top results. Pursuing the best customer service, contacts that are respectful and opting for 100% quality, nothing less!

Innovation also remains in our DNA, thus we consider "problems" rather as challenges. Witness the development of our MEDIOT smartbox. As a result, we now process returns completely automatically. This proved challenging for customers with shipments specifically for medical procedures, after which the unused materials need to be returned.

Best Medical Logistics & Freight Forwarding Company Benelux Award 2023: Medical Logistics MedLog