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Your customer, our care

SCRUBBY chooses MedLog

SCRUBBY is an online shop with big ambitions! The device itself was already a big hit in Belgium, and now they want to expand into the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France. The Scrubby stands for skin care in the broadest sense. Not only a geographical expansion, but also a broadening of the product range to include natural cosmetic products specifically for the...
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UV-C happy family opens new e-shop

Manager K.D. Elit presents his company; The most precious good in life is our health. Taking care of our health is the highest priority for everyone. Good health is the basis for a life in happiness.The way of life and the care of our body and soul contribute to our well-being. Daily...
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Cupola counts its logistics on MedLog

Welcome Cupola!

MedLog welcomes Cupola, active in advising and supplying a wide range of products for healthcare. On their webshop, you will find items for circulation, COVID-19, immobilization; transport, clothing, suitcases; bags, triage and training. Below are some direct links to the wide range of Cupola; Diagnostics Airway Management IV & IO supplies Wound care first aid Suitcases &...
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Medical Logistics MedLog welcomes Life bvba chooses Medical Logistics Medlog

Medical Logistics MedLog welcomes

A new client, a new story. Tatools chooses Medical Logistics (MedLog) in Mechelen for the distribution of mouth masks and gloves within the Benelux. Thanks to a direct integration with their webshop via, the orders enter the WMS of MedLog directly. After receiving this order, we take care of delivery in Belgium within the...
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