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What makes us different?

Your customer, our care

Not big, but great!

We do not belong to the group of large pharma service companies, nor is that our focus. Any "smaller" player who wants to take the step to professionalization; that is what we at Medical Logistics MedLog focus on.

Why not the big players? Because the small(er) deserve the same support and because external support is often the only way to grow.

The FAMHP is increasingly carrying out checks at medical distributors in order to continue to guarantee the quality of medical supplies in our country. As an approved FAGG logistics centre, you are already free of this investment and, as a small player, you can also receive your customers professionally in our warehouse.

Our range of flex offices allows you to receive clients in a professional setting, as if it were your office.

By cleverly outsourcing, your turnover can increase significantly, after all, you gain time to play out your strength: your knowledge.

Trust Medical Logistics MedLog both your logistics activity and customer care service and follow the same path as customers who have gone before you: upwards!

Do you want to know if we can do something for you as well, please contact us without obligation.