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Medical flex and virtual office

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Medical flex and virtual office

A company can carry out activities in several places, but each company has only one seat. The registered office of a company is the official address of the company, where all official correspondence is received.

At Medical Logistics, we only offer these virtual office services specifically for medically oriented companies such as doctors, distributors, associations, etc.


  • Virtual Office

If you don't need a permanent office (e.g. because you work from home or spend a lot of time at work, or just want to protect your privacy), you can opt for a "virtual office" at Medical Logistics. If you rent a virtual office, you can use our company address as your registered office, but you don't rent a physical office space. For only 95 euros per month you have an official address for your company and we can have your mail forwarded or scanned and send you an e-mail, whatever you want.


  • Flex office

A flex office is part of a furnished office space that you share with a few other medically active entrepreneurs, where each company can share a (flex) desk.
This is the most cost-effective solution for a legal tax domicile. You can use part of the office as your social and administrative seat and register as a branch unit in the KBO.

Online booking of our flex offices can be done via the booking link.