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Customer Cases

Your customer, our care

Medical Logistics's focus is to have only a small amount of customers, dedicated into a partnership, where we both realise that only together we can generate the ideal customer experience.

We strategically decide with who we would like to grow, preferably we start with smaller companies that have reached their local capacity in warehousing or distributing. So the next logical step to take is to partner up with a company like Medical Logistics, but without compromising on the service level towards the customers.

C-Naps, the Benelux distributor of Cadwell Medical EMG, EEG and IONM machines and supplies, chose Medical Logistics to run the complete order process, from inbound, packing and stocking, to outbound to the customer.

First thing to do is to measure up the current ordering process and the amount of in-and outgoing orders, the different number of SKUs, and their dimensions.

Once this is known Medical Logistics sets up their customer portal, with live stock view, order input and view, and last but not least the fully personalised track & trace features.

C-Naps chose to have the invoicing done automatically set up and sent when an order has been shipped, this way our software takes the lead in creating invoices, as if C-Naps make it themselves, with the company bank details, etc. So time won on administration. Track and trace features is from any incoming shipment, on lot number and date. This way Medical Logistics provides always First in First Out concept, to have maximum shelf life of on stock products.

I was afraid at first to have an external party take over our ordering and stock service, but we did not have the room anymore to grow our business, and besides space, we were losing to much time by dealing with the orders. Now we can count on Medical Logistics to have the complete ordering process and we gain time to do what we do best; medical support and sales of Cadwell machines in EMG, EEG and IONM.