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How much does pallet storage cost?

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What does pallet storage cost? A frequently asked question, not easy to answer in a well-founded and transparent way. Would you like to store your products in ideal conditions, but lack the space or suitable environment? With our secure, spacious and (optionally) conditioned storage space, Medical Logistics MedLog guarantees the quality of your products. And not only that. Thanks to clear and competitive rates, you can save costs and increase your strength without losing your flexibility. To keep an overview of your goods at all times, you will have live access to our warehouse management system, so you will always know what is at which location and in what quantities.

Of course, we can provide the pre- and post-transportation for you per pallet or per packet or box. Do you have a webshop? Then we can probably link it, and you can make use of our customer service. E-fullfillment then immediately becomes a pleasant solution.

Calculate below how much pallet storage costs, then we can sit down and discuss your needs in more detail.

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Or you can of course choose to contact us without any obligations. Feel free to fill in the information below and we will contact you soon for an appointment.